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Yacobucci, Columbus OH

My name is Camden Owen Yacobucci, better known as "Yacobucci". I'm an American musician born and raised in Akron, Ohio but currently based in Columbus, OH. I started recording my own music by the age of 17. I started with mainly rap but then started blending my creativity and unique style with many other genres such as alternative pop, pop/punk etc. I now perform all my music with a full band and we bring an electric show to every venue we play at. In high school I tried to always surround myself with music so I joined the marching band and played the trombone. I could never really get into the songs we played so I ended up getting some cheap studio equipment and started learning how to make my own. Soon after, I moved to Brooklyn New York to study Criminal Justice at St. Francis College. After many classes, I would go perform and record new music in my dorm room. I felt like an outcast at school and didn't really talk to anyone. I often spent my time street performing in front of thousands of strangers in places like Times Square, underground subways, The Brooklyn Bridge, etc. This got my stage presence better and better and I soon started performing in small venues. I decided to drop out of college after my first semester in 2018 to pursue my dream in music. I then moved to Los Angeles for about four years to take my career to the next level but it wasn't until I moved to Columbus, OH when I started to see major growth. I push myself everyday to make the best music possible and never look at quitting as an option. With this mindset I soon could see progress in my music career. I always tell people to embrace and love who they are. Embrace the weird because that makes us unique. I make music for these outcasts, now all I have to do is make a career out of it.

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